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A health care provider, such as those at Planned Parenthood, can give you further advice and answer any questions you might have.

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Apotex is also the only significant Canadian producer of active pharmaceutical chemicals and the only company that produces the Rosuvastatin raw material in Canada.

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If a dose of Levaquin is accidentally missed, the dose should be taken as soon as possible

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Because the Canadian government (who also happens to be slightly less up the collective a$$ of the pharmaceutical industry) helps to regulate prescription drug prices

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In general, pantoprazole was well tolerated in clinical studies

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Can you tell me if taking Effexor Xr twice dayly make you feel better in the morning? I am taking 225 mg for three weeks in the morning at once

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Suspect obstruction in a recipient with hydronephrosis on posttransplantation ultrasonography, decreasing urine output, or a failure of expected drop in serum creatinine.

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I used to have panic attacks and took 5-10mg of serax which is the same thing that helps me sleep now

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Cluster headaches are a young person's disease, and the headaches typically start before age 30

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There is no official affirmation that prohibits the consumption of alcoholic beverages in moderation while taking methylprednisolone

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