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16vitex in naplesat the ER to double check if what I did was ok and he told it was and he told me to call him back in a hour, which I did and my reading was down to 300mg/dL
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18vitex chasteberryIt is not a FDA-approved medication, but an OTC cosmetic product sold in doctors' offices
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24vitex fruit for fertilityIn the past I was prescribed prescription strength Advil (double over-the-counter dose) and unfortunately it does not help me with pain
25prescription vitexThe recommended dosage of Macrobid is 50 to 100 milligrams taken 4 times a day
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28vitex herbal supplementTheseantidepressants are often prescribed “off-label,” Diaz says, meaning they’re being used in a way not specified in the Food and Drug Administration-approvedpackaging label
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