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The guidelines largely reflect evidence at Levels III-V and sometimes rely on consensus and common sense, due to limited clinical research in this area

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I love your sense of humor and your Bill Hicks references, plusI love how sarcastic you can be and yet not come off sounding like a jerk of the world

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Patients relapsing on or within 6 months of completing trastuzumab may experience better disease control by substituting a different anti-her2 drug, such as lapatinib

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He cautioned me that it was not normal to prescribe 10 mg, but since it seems to be working he was willing to go along with me

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No serious adverse events were associated with study therapies.

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So it really shouldn’t be used in the treatment of PD, if a person with PD becomes psychotic from the typical PD drugs, those drugs should be reduced.

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